Youth Wing

The youth are the trustees of prosperity. Youth force is dynamic in nature as most skills and orientation are acquired in this age. Youth is a huge reservoir of energy which need to be tapped and harnessed intelligently for the development of the society. Policy makers all around the world, formulate policies in respect of youth to enhance and streamline their energy.


The changing demographic profile of the world has thrown a window of opportunity favoring India. Presently India has the largest share of youth population in the world and will continue to hold for the next 20 years. Young ones when nourished properly can grow like a huge Redwood Tree, but if not controlled or neglected can erupt like volcano. No Country can afford to ignore its youth. India is a young nation in the sense that share of its youth in total population in 2011 stands at 34.8%. The major issues concerning the youth today in our Country are, Education, Employment, Civic Engagement and Migration. The present challenge is to increase the human resource potential and to appropriately use to make it the driving force of economy of the Country. The Wing’s primary function will be to provide impetus to motivate youth and provide leadership in all walks of life.

This can only happen if we, create a productive work force that can make a sustainable contribution towards India’s Economy development, develop a strong and healthy generation equipped to take on future challenges, instil social values and promote community service to build National ownership, facilitate participation and civic engagement at all levels of governance and support youth at risk and create equitable opportunity for all disadvantaged and marginalised youth.