Senior Citizen And Under Privileged Children Rehabilitation Wing

The wing will take on social responsibility in creating awareness, plan various programs, organize funds to sustain programs, assist individuals and families, assist in creating infrastructure where needed and overall create avenues to bring them in main stream of the society. The demographic explosion among the elderly has reached staggering proportions.

Today the Country is facing high levels of destitution among the elderly rural poor (51 million elderly live below the poverty line). A higher proportion of elderly women than men experience loneliness and are dependent on children or the children are settled abroad and left them to fend for themselves. Social deprivations and exclusion, privatization of health services and changing pattern of morbidity affect the elderly.


All those of 60 years and above are senior citizens. Our wing addresses issues concerning senior citizens living in urban and rural areas alike, special needs of the “oldest old” and older women. Our endeavour is to strengthen integration between generations, facilitate interaction between the old and the young as well as strengthen bonds between different age groups, in doing so assist them in living a dignified and healthy life. According to national report, India is home to 19 percent of children in the world. At present, the country has over 472 million children, among whom more than one million are homeless.

With no basic facilities like food, shelter and education, most kids end up being trafficked for various reasons such as labour and sexual exploitation. And according to the National Crime Records Bureau, as many as one child is trafficked in India every eight minutes. From helping children of migrant labourers to instilling traffic sense and good value in children, hence the motto of creating this Wing to help the children in need.