Martyr Soldier's Family & Disabled Soldier's Welfare Wing

Moto of this wing is to enhance the morale of the serving soldiers by lending support to them in all situations and look after their families in all eventualities. It has been observed that a lot of privilege is provided by the Government to a War Widow, however more often than not many of these families are living in dire conditions due to societal evils.

The primary function of the wing will be carryout a Nation-wide search and locate such families, build up a holistic data and brain storm to and suitable actions necessary to bring up these families and their wards in the society, thereby contributing to the morale of our Serving Soldiers who can be rest assured that there is an Organization who understands them and are willing to stand with them in all situations.


Likewise for Disabled Soldier, create a Nation-wide data, brain storm to and suitable action necessary for their upliftment and creating avenues for them to have a dignied life.