Health Care Wing

The latest study reveals that 3-4% of total health care expenditure and just 9-13% of hospital care expenditure of the Government is incurred on poor and as per estimates NGOs provide 5% health care to the population of India.

The primary function of this Wing will be to strengthen the health system, human resource development and capacity building and regulation in public health. Innovative ideas to provide good health care will go a long way in our contribution to the Nation’s citizen.


Contribution to health of a population will also derive from social determinants of health like, improvement in living conditions, nutrition, safe drinking water, sanitation, education, early child development and social security measures. The other function of this wing will be to assist citizens and members in getting timely advice and medical attention through the resources generated by the wing.

The wing will be formed of influential personalities from the various Health/Medical Organization, Doctors, Administrative backgrounds who will undertake the functioning of ideating ways and means assist in national policy formation in areas of health care and integrated human development.