Disability Rehabilitation Wing

As per the last census carried almost 2.21% of the population was suffering either physical or mental handicap. With such a large population with special needs, it’s important to understand why they’re still a minority group desperately in need of uplifting. The social and physical barriers set up in society prevent differently-abled people from rising above their status and living up to their full potential. Even today, most buildings in India do not have a properly accessible wheelchair ramp. Lack of funding has made it difficult for most welfare projects to get through to completion.

The social stigma surrounding incurable mental illnesses leaves people with no hope, estranged from an apathetic society. The fact that they require special care which may require more finances, leave most families in despair. Especially in a country like India, where most of the population is from a rural background struggling to make ends meet. A lot of NGOs and organizations are working hard to change this mindset and make the world a more accessible place for everyone.


With this as the state of affairs, the wing will take on social responsibility in creating awareness, plan various programs, organize funds to sustain programs, assist individuals and families, assist in creating infrastructure where needed and overall increase the feeling of wellbeing in these people.