Block Secretary General

Role: He shall be the overall administrative head of the Organization at Block Level. His major role will be to build, organize, make functional all Cells functioning under him. Through these cells he will build the reputation and image of the Organization.

Appointment: The National President shall appoint the District Secretary General from amongst the members of Veterans India. The Appointment shall be for a duration of 3 years and he will sign a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) for the term. He will hold this appointment on behalf of the Chairman and as an office bearer. This appointment is a privilege and should be held with complete honesty and loyalty to the Organization.


(a) He/she shall be responsible for carrying out all the decisions of the District Core Committee and shall see that all the rules of the organisation are observed. He will do so in governance of this counterparts at Block level.

(b) He will closely work with all committees and ensure the directions generated are followed and implemented in letter and spirit.

(c) Through his office he will ensure that funds generated through the Projects of the Organization is accounted for. He will also bring to the notice of the Finance Committee any irregularity and names of the defaulters.

(d) He in support with other Committee members/nominated members will be responsible for organizing all major Events/Functions at the District level. He will ensure that funds allocated are properly utilized in case of events/functions being organized at the Block level.

(e) He will also maintain the list of all active members and ensure that all pay their membership charge and royalty in time. He shall directly inform the Block level President and ensure that dues are made up.

(f) He will be the administer of the State level WhatsApp group.

(g) He will, through his office responsible for maintaining all Media handles at the District level and the Website of the Company.

(h) He shall be in charge of the day-to-day administration of the Block/ blocks and or wing/wings and shall transact all office business in accordance with the decisions of the National President/Core Committee.

(i) He in discharge of his duty will ensure that proper protocol is maintained in his dealings with all concern.

(j) He shall be responsible for carrying on all correspondence save as otherwise directed by the President.

(k) He shall convene all Meetings at the district level, under the Rules and shall record and sign minutes and resolutions of all such meetings. He shall be in-charge of all records and documents necessary for the smooth and efficient working of the Organization.

(l) He shall manage, supervise and administer the funds of blocks and or Wings appointed for. He shall ensure that the accounts have been properly maintained and are regularly audited.

(m) He shall establish systems for reporting and monitoring.

(n) He shall ensure the short to medium-term implementation of plans and proactively ensure the goals and objectives are met.


After completion of three years the appointment shall be deemed as completed. However, the extension or re-appointment at a higher post will be decided by the National President only. He may be terminated in case of any gross violation of the Bye Laws or MoA, however, the decision of the National President will be deemed as final. He may tender his resignation with a 90 days grace period. In any case he will properly hand over his duties to the successor in writing and on ground.