Finance Committee

This group will also be comprised of eminent personalities selected through the office of the Founder. This committee will be formed at the National/State/District/Block level. The major function of the committee will be to raise the funds/donations needed to ensure the financial viability and stability of the organization They will achieve the same by working closely and cooperatively with Trustees, Patrons, Board of Advisors, the Secretary General and others as deemed fit. The committee will also plan and organize specific fundraising events and activities. The roles envisaged are as under:


(a) Conceptualize, plan and discuss new projects which can effectively generate employment/self-employment and benefit the members and Organization with the Core Committee and Projects Cell through National Secretary General.

(b) On confirmation of the Project concept from the National President prepare a complete plan, organize resources and stake holders, allocated seed fund and develop SOP/Policy for implementation. Develop systems for proper execution of projects.

(c) Examine strategic partnership in the form of sponsorship for conceived projects/ programs.

(d) Initiate directions to Project Cell through National Secretary General.

(e) Take on complete responsibility and onusfor the project conceived and implemented.

(f) Justify change in scope if any. Allocate resources in case the scope changes.

(g) Approves and ensures deliverables.

(h) Advise and overcome issues in a project/ program.

(i) Re-evaluate ongoing projects and if required, carry out mid-term corrections and initiate business decision.

(j) Priorities projects in accordance with importance and timeliness.

(k) Manage, review and prioritizes the project work plans with an aim to meet all the set objectives.

(l) Monitors laws and bylaws associated with the project.

(m) Ensure best use of technology to have the desired results.

(n) Comply with the schedule of meeting and ensure discussions generated are fruitful and for the benefit of the Organization. Ensure updates and review of pending points.

(o) All actions shall be reviewed by the National President through the Core Committee before initiation of an action on a Project/Program.

Fund Raising

Committee is designated to raise the amount needed to meet the proposed Organizational budget and ensure the budget is allocated and spent as per the laws and bylaws of the government. The role envisaged are:

(a) Review all previous year fundraising activities and make recommendations for improvement for the new fiscal year. Forward the same to the National President through Core Committee and National Secretary General for review and approval.

(b) Ideate, conceive and plan by working closely with Fund Raising and Campaign Cell through the National Secretary General to determine the annual development budget. Get it passed from the National President through the Core Committee.

(c) Conceive, plan and develop an annual calendar of activities for raising fund/donation to include meeting with Heads of Organization’s/Corporate Houses/Major & Minor Industrialists/Non Profit Organization and Events/Functions. Calendar should be inclusive of critical dates, committee activities and project plans. Engage in advocacy and Holistic networking.

(d) Revise and update the current Fund Raising and Campaign plan.

(e) Analyze relationships with the current and prospective major/minor donors/ funders and individualize strategies to cultivate and strengthen relationships in close association with National Secretary General.

(f) Monitor and support fundraising efforts and ensure that ethical practices are in place, that donors/ sponsors are acknowledged appropriately and that fundraising efforts are cost effective.

(g) Develop policies and SOPs for planning implementation ethical checks and balances and utilization of Funds generated.