Disciplinary Committee

This group will also be comprised of eminent personalities selected through the office of the Founder. This committee will be formed at the National/State/District/Block level. They will keenly observe the functioning all office bearers in their personal/public bearing. They will be authorized to reprimand, suspend and remove any office bearer or employees if found in violation of the laid down rules binding all members to the SOP on “Veterans India Code of Conduct”. However, all decisions taken will be put forward to the Core Committee for evaluation and final decision. They will also ensure that dignity of every member, office bearer and employees are protected at all cost. All members are in themselves the face of the Organization and hence should be watchful towards each other to deter and report in case of anyone acting against the norms and principle of the Organization to the Committee directly also rather than following the chain. The roles envisaged are:

(a) Facilitate in initiating new policies if required for smooth operation of the Organization.

(b) Prepare, review and update Policies/SOP/Constitution according to the laws, rules and regulations amended by the government from time to time.

(c) Ensure implementation and compliance of Policies/SOP/Constitution throughout the Organization.

(d) Form a review committee for disciplinary action against the Appointments/ Members/ Staff of the Organization in case of breach of ethics as per the SOP/Code of Conduct Hand Book.

(e) Communicate with National/ State/ District/ Block level Presidents/ Secretary Generals and take regular feedback on level of implementation of Policies/ Constitutions/ SOPs.

(f) Prepare and communicate New Policies/ Constitutions/ SOPs or amended Policies/ Constitutions/ SOPs to all concerned.

(g) Study the Organization of Major Polity/ NGOs/ Foundations/ Trusts/ Section 8 Companies, draw inspiration and research such imperatives which if included in our Policies/ Constitutions/ SOPs will provide strength and benefit all members.

(h) Comply with the schedule of meeting and ensure discussions generated are fruitful and for the benefit of the Organization.

(i) Initiation of any disciplinary action shall be reviewed by the National President through the Core Committee before communicating to the said member/appointment.