District Core Committee

This group will be comprised of eminent personalities selected through the office of the Founder. This committee will be formed at the District Level. The Committee at the District level will be the Decision-Making Body for District affairs. In a sense all decisions arrived at after the concurrence of the Founder, will flow through this body to the Executive Committee for getting the same implemented through the Wings. Each level of the Committee will forward their decisions to their higher level i.e. Block to District, District to State, and at the National level the decision will be finalized.

The Committee will also ideate on various Projects, carryout feasibility study, compile a viable plan, organize resources and get the same implemented on the ground through their counterparts and wings. The Projects conceived will ideally be on a sustainable business model which must ensure generation of employment and provide sustenance to volunteer members and Organization as a whole. The roles envisaged are:

(a) Hold complete responsibility for the functioning and strengthening the Organization.

(b) Be the custodian of the Vision and Mission of the Organization.

(c) Carry the onus of absolute coordination within each part and body of the Organization.

(d) Responsible for taking all decisions for the benefit of the Organization on behalf of the National President.