Advisory Committee

This group will also be comprised of eminent personalities selected through the office of the Founder. This committee will be formed at the National/State/District/Block level. The Committee will play a very prominent function in that they will be evaluating all problems/ received from their respective counterparts at each level. They will formulate ways and means to overcome such problems and also will advise the Core Committee in case a policy decision is required. It’s understood that minor problems will be dealt at each level, however those require policy decision will only be forwarded to higher levels. The roles envisaged are:

(a) Provide advises to the National President and National Core Committee on matters of Organizational structure, Policies, SOPs and Bylaws.

(b) Play role of an Ombudsman of the Organization to all members/ staff/ appointments.

(c) Generate ideas on the functioning of the Wings in close association with National Vice President of respective Wings.

(d) Conceive a well laid out Constitution for each Wing and assist develop the same with the National Vice President of respective Wing.

(e) Generate ideologies to provide impetus to the Organizational approach and directions.

(f) Provide critical advises on resolution of issues and conflicts to the National President through the National Core Committee.

(g) Take feedback from all State/UT Presidents regarding the functioning, issues occurring in performing their duties, welfare activities being initiated through the Wings & updates and Fund situations.

(h) Generate resources to keep a pulse on the activities of the Government/Political Parties in each State, major initiatives being promoted by Non Governmental Organization and such activities where the Organizational participation will enhance the image and reputation.