To accomplish its mission, Veterans India channelises the potential of over thirty lakhs Veterans (Ex-Servicemen and like-minded people from all walks of life) for a democratic awakening to initiate a movement to create a nationalistic society by inculcating patriotism, nationalism and integrity amongst citizens through their wide experience, strong integrity, discipline, loyalty and fitness.

Main purpose of the trust is to promote Nation Building through ‘Nationalism and Patriotism’ amongst the children and youth of the nation in particular and public at large.


Nationalism spreads when people from different religions, culture and communities begin to develop a sense of collective belongingness. Through this, an identity of a nation is characterized. It also meant a change in people’s understanding of who they were, and what defined their identity and sense of belonging, which is inclusive of all of the people of India, despite their diverse ethnic, linguistic and religious backgrounds. In simple words it’s the Supreme Loyalty towards the Nation he belongs.

Patriotism or national pride is the feeling of love, devotion, and sense of attachment to our country and alliance with other citizens who share the same sentiment. In a patriot lies the belief that to be stable, a democratic society require a strong sense of allegiance to the Nation. Patriotism – the feeling of attachment and commitment to the nation, the sentiment that is compatible with cosmopolitan aspirations and the recognition of the equal moral worth of all human beings, loyalty that are compatible with universal values, respect for human rights, and tolerance of ethnic and national differences, willingness of citizens to make sacrifices for the common good.

Veterans India has received overwhelming support not only from ex-servicemen’s but also from people from all walks of life, eminent personalities, philanthropists, sports lovers, public servants, social workers, academicians, PIO’s and NRI’s. A large number of our members are actively contributing in shaping the organisation and its future plans by establishing national and state level functional organisation to reach to all villages, panchayats, taluks, blocks and districts of India to spread the message of inculcating patriotism and nationalism for Nation building.

Veterans India has partnered with schools, Gram Panchayats and other social organisations for promoting patriotism and nationalism through sharing stories of Freedom Fighters, Historical Heroes form our Ancient/Medieval/Modern History, gallant soldiers, organizing cultural programmes, recognizing patriots and national awardees. Veterans India is actively setting up various wings to cater to specific sections of the society and synergising the members energies to form a truly global organisation of patriot Indians and to provide them with a platform to contribute in Nation building.


We aspire to assist in Nation Building by infusing the spirit of Nationalism and Patriotism in every citizen by drawing our inspiration from the Constitution of India and real-life Heroes.


To channelise the potential & experiences of patriots and nationalists to initiate a movement to create a nationalistic society by inculcating, patriotism, nationalism and integrity towards the nation amongst citizens in general and youth and children in particular through various activities.