District Vice President

Role: The main role of each District Vice President shall be to actively provide impetus in the growth and expansion of their respective block and Wing of Veterans India. He shall be the Operational Head and will provide inputs, ideas, guidance for the smooth running and implementation of policies, plans and projects and ensure desired outputs in the form of achieving the objectives of the Organization in consultation of the Core Committee and approval of the National President.

Appointment: The National President shall appoint the District Vice President from amongst the members of Veterans India. The Appointment shall be for a duration of 3 years and he will sign a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) for the term. He will hold this appointment on behalf of the National President and as an office bearer. This appointment is a privilege and should be held with complete honesty and loyalty to the Organization.


(a) To provide leadership and impetus to all necessary activities related to their respective wings for achieving the objectives of the organisation.

(b) Plan and generate adequate funds at your level in pursuance of the activities of the wing, event and functions. Maintain proper auditable record of the same.

(c) Prepare a holistic curriculum base on the theme of Nationalism for building the Nation and aims of their respective Wing. On clearance of the same, implement it at block level.

(d) To uphold the dignity of the flag, emblem and the anthem of the Nation.

(e) Assist in generation of members through spreading vision and mission of the organization and elicit selfless participations from them.

(f) In an impetus to expand the activities of the Wing, have regular interaction with known personalities, promoters, corporate leaders and Political leaders.

(g) To initiate and recommend to the Core Committee schemes for the promotion and development of Nationalism and Patriotism in the country.

(h) Assist in generation and implementation of various Projects from Government/NGO/Corporates/Private Companies/Industries related to their respective wing.

(i) To ensure that all procedures, processes, statutory obligations and systems are followed and implemented properly.

(j) Do all other things that may be necessary or expedient to promote the development of vision of Veterans India and for the conduct of its business and generally to do all such things as may be necessary for expedient, lawful, incidental or conducive to the attainment of the objects of Veterans India or any of them through their respective wing.

(k) Before taking any decision, it will be imperative that the National President/Core Committee is consulted in order to avoid any potential conflict.

(l) To perform any other tasks/functions as assigned by the National President.