National Secretary

Role: He will act as a bridge between National & State for proper implementation of directions received.

Appointment: The National President shall appoint the National Secretary from amongst the members of Veterans India. The Appointment shall be for a duration of 3 years and he will sign a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) for the term. He will hold this appointment on behalf of the Chairman and as an office bearer. This appointment is a privilege and should be held with complete honesty and loyalty to the Organization.

Responsibilities: He will assist his National Secretary General in discharge of his responsibilities through the Senior Joint Secretary and Joint Secretaries.


After completion of three years the appointment shall be deemed as completed. However, the extension or re-appointment at a higher post will be decided by the National President only. He may be terminated in case of any gross violation of the Bye Laws or MoA, however, the decision of the National President will be deemed as final. He may tender his resignation with a 90 days grace period. In any case he will properly hand over his duties to the successor in writing and on ground.