State President

He shall be the overall head of the organization structure at the State/Union Territory. His major role will be to build, organize, make functional the Organization as per the Vision and Mission of the Organization. He will closely work with the District President of Wings in building the reputation and image of the State level Structure and Veterans India as whole. He will discharge his duties through the State Vice President, Various Wings and Committees placed under him.

Appointment: The National President shall appoint the State President from amongst the members of Veterans India. The Appointment shall be for a duration of 3 years and he will sign a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) for the term. He will hold this appointment on behalf of the National President and as an office bearer. This appointment is a privilege and should be held with complete honesty and loyalty to the Organization.


(a) Abide by the Vision and Mission of the organization, SOP, Bylaws and Code and Conduct, also ensure that all your staff and District Level Organization understand and abide by the same.

(b) Adhere to the directions of the National President, National Core Committee members and Chairman of the other Committees at the National Level. Ensure the directions received are followed in complete trust and that the same has been understood by your subordinates and District Presidents.

(c) Preside over the selection of President and General Secretaries at the district level. Ensure complete due diligence is carried out of those appointments after the clearance received from the National Core Committee.

(d) Appoint separate office bearers as your staff for each of the Committees and Wings and staff as required.

(e) Compile details of every member of your state and maintain their records. Compile details of all prominent people within your state and district level.

(f) Carry out regular meetings with all prominent personalities such as Governor/Chief Minister (CM)/Ministers/Member of Parliament (MP)/Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA)/Member of the Legislative Council(MLC)/Commissioner/Chairman of various committees/Industrialists/Chairman & Chief Executive Officers of various Private Companies, Senior Officers of Armed Forces and other such prominent personalities. Maintain details of these personalities and keep it updated.

(g) Assist /Support your District Presidents in case of any difficulties. Resolve the same at your level.

(h) Ensure maximum coverage within your jurisdiction and see that the Vision and Mission of the organization reaches the remotest of areas through regular events/rallies etc.

(i) Have a healthy relationship with all media houses, so that all events organized receive proper coverage at national/local levels.

(j) Coordinate ongoing projects at your level and be open to suggest other futuristic projects for the benefit of the organization and members. Keep an update record of the people in receipt of the benefits of these Projects. The Fund generate through these Projects should be maintained as a different identity.

(k) Generate adequate funds at your level for events/functions and maintain a proper auditable record of the same.

(l) Extend full cooperation and support National plans in execution of Funds/Donation raising campaigns.

(m) Ensure all members deposit their Annual and monthly membership charges in time.

(n) Prepare a holistic curriculum based on the theme of Nationalism for building the Nation and the develop plans for executing the same through the laid down function and objectives of each Wing.

(o) Keep an updated record of all War Widows, Disabled Soldiers, all Chakra winners, Sports Medal winners at International/National level of all Armed Forces/CAPF/ private civilians.

(p) Generate employment and placement for the Ex-servicemen and their families in your State/UT. Forward suggestions/recommendations to the National President and Core Committee for efforts at National/Global level.

(q) Meet prominent political figures and make them involved in the Vision and ideology of our organization.

(r) Assist members under your jurisdiction in meeting their aspirations for personal gains. However, this must be carried out at the behest of generating funds at your level. Keep the National President and Core Committee informed.

(s) Enroll minimum 5 members each for the Wings (5 x 15 = 75 members) in each Block (75 x number of Blocks x number of districts) of respective State on a monthly basis.

(t) Ensure absolute confidentiality of the data of all members/staff/appointments are others are maintained. However, these data can be shared on a need to know basis after receiving the concurrence of National President/member of the National Core Committee.

(u) Be prepared to take on any other responsibility whenever directed.


After completion of three years the appointment shall be deemed as completed. However, the extension or re-appointment at a higher post will be decided by the National President only. He may be terminated in case of any gross violation of the Bye Laws or MoA, however, the decision of the National President will be deemed as final. He may tender his resignation with a 90 days grace period. In any case he will properly hand over his duties to the successor in writing and on ground.