Executive Committee

This group will also be comprised of eminent personalities selected through the office of the Founder. This committee will be formed at the National/State/District/Block level. These committee will have a very dominant role in the Organization to play as they will shoulder the responsibility of executing and implementing all decisions made by the Core Committee, throughout the Organization. The body of this committee will also ensure that the decisions reach to each member and ensure compliance by all in letter and spirit. The roles envisaged are:

(a) Ensure all decisions taken by the National President is executed on ground and throughout the Organization, maintaining the theme of the decision and the spirit in which it has been taken.

(b) Ensure all decisions are followed in letter and spirit by each and everyone in the Organization.

(c) Utilize the channel of communication to disseminate the decision in time and ensure that action required are initiated in the stipulated time. Take regular feedback on the outcome of these decisions through National Secretary General and National Vice Presidents in-charge of respective Wing.

(d) Be the focal point and the centre for coordination for all activities carried out by the different Wings and Cells. Update the National President, Patrons, Board of Advisors and Chairman of all Committees.

(e) Absolute responsibility for implementing due course of actions on all decisions for the benefit of the Organization on behalf of the National President.